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About Suzanne Foglio - Holistic Health Coach - Wall, NJ

Who’s the woman behind this website?

It’s me, Suzanne Foglio—the creator of Vibrant Life After Cancer.

Hi there! I’m so happy that you’re here. As a holistic health coach I educate, support and inspire my clients to take an active role in creating a healthy vibrant life after cancer.

I didn’t start out with the goal of becoming a health coach, even though I was already “coaching” friends and family who were battling cancer.  I actually decided to go to health coaching school just to expand my knowledge and be around like-minded people.  But after a few months into the program, I knew that this was my life’s purpose.

Everyone’s got a cancer story. Here’s ours:

He looked at my husband, Jim, and said: You have stage four Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Sitting in the doctor’s office, waiting. Our family doctor—the guy who had been with my family when both of my parents learned that they had cancer (and subsequently beat it)—walked in the room with a somber look on his face.

He looked at my husband, Jim, and said:

“You have stage four Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma”

Stage. Four. Cancer.

Utter blankness. Nothing. Not a single conscious thought crossed my mind. Stage four cancer. I repeated the doctor’s words in my head as though it would help me to understand what I’d just heard.

As we drove home from that appointment, I looked around at the world and thought, how is the world still turning?

I knew that, from that point onward, our lives would never be the same.

That was the beginning.

The middle—the cancer fighting stage—existed of little more than fear, doctor’s appointments, treatment, and tests. I stood by Jim’s side feeling powerless and wishing I could do something to help.

I kept asking the doctors: “What can we do differently at home? How can we transform our lifestyles to fight this disease?”

The response I got?

Just live your life.

But that wasn’t good enough for me.

And that’s when I realized: Doctor’s treat cancer. …We would have to become warriors for our own health.
And that’s when I realized: Doctor’s treat cancer.  I promised myself that—if my husband lived to beat this awful disease—we would do everything possible to create a holistic plan to prevent it from coming back. 

We would have to become warriors for our own health. I knew that I’d have to figure this health and prevention stuff out on my own.

And as if by miracle, Jim did beat his cancer. (Though I’m sure you saw that coming).

After all, that’s what this story is really about:

What happens once you do beat cancer…
once the machine spits you out, and you have to go back to the real world?

That was over a decade ago. And ever since Jim rallied back from an almost certain death, I’ve kept my promise to fight its return. That’s how Vibrant Life After Cancer was born.

Join us on the journey to a Vibrant Life After Cancer.

I have created several programs to help you make positive changes to stack the odds against your cancer from returning – from a 6 week jumpstart program to get you started to a comprehensive 6 month program.

You don’t have to live with the fear of you cancer returning.  You CAN gain back your energy and vitality.  And I’d love to show you how.

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Want to know more about me?

  • I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and have a Transformational Coaching Certification from Holistic MBA. However, as I’m sure you know from your own field, I learn the most from experience and know that my hunger to learn more about health and wellness will never, ever end.
  • My husband Jim and I have owned and operated an employee benefits firm since 1986, so I’ve seen the health care crisis from every possible angle.
  • On a personal level, I’ve supported both of my parents, my husband, and friends through their cancer fight.
  • When my husband was diagnosed with stage four Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the doctor’s told us we’d never have kids. I’m happy to report that they were wrong! In 2007 we welcomed our beautiful son, Matthew (who often wonders why his mom eats so many vegetables).
  • I’ve ALWAYS been fascinated with healthy living. I almost wonder if my husband’s cancer wasn’t the universe picking me up by the shoulders, shaking me, and saying “Wake up and start turning your passion into a business! People need your help!” GOT IT.

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