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Have Yourself A Kicking Cancer Party

Cancer’s not by any means fun, but how about making fun of cancer by throwing a Kicking Cancer Party! No matter where you are in your journey, a cancer diagnosis has certainly knocked you and your loved ones for a loop, and what better way to help take your mind off of it all than by planning a party.

A Kicking Cancer Party celebrates your most meaningful relationships and is part of your journey to reclaim your life with more clarity, conviction and purpose than ever before.

The great news is that parties don’t have to be expensive and a lot of work.

Following are 6 tips for a stress free, super healthy and super fun party plan – without breaking the bank!

Make it a Potluck Party! Remember when you were diagnosed, the most commonly asked question from your friends was “Is there anything I can do?” Now is their chance! Asking them to bring a dish will prevent you from having to do all of the shopping and preparation, and it gives your invitees a chance to show off their culinary skills. Even better, you get to focus on the fun stuff – decorating and finding a fabulous outfit!

2 Decide on the number of guests, the date and time. Is it going to be a brunch, barbeque, dinner party, cocktails or a dessert party? Will it be a casual come as you are or a more glamorous event? How about hosting a white party with all of your guests dressed in white? This is your celebration, get creative and make it as magnificent as you are!

3 Setup your party on, a free service! It’s completely customizable and it cuts down on the number of calls you would ordinarily make to coordinate your party. Each guest can see what the other is bringing so you won’t end up with all side dishes or duplicates.

You can indicate gluten-free, vegan, etc. so you have something for everyone. If you prefer, you can enter specific dishes and ask each of your guests to pick one from your favorite healthy cookbook. Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen is one my favorites. It’s always nice to have non-food items like fresh flowers, candles or paper goods for friends to bring who don’t like to cook.

4 You can make your party a fundraiser to take the focus off of you if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to be the center of attention. It could be your way of paying forward your blessing of remission. Your fundraiser could be for someone that you may know that is battling cancer and has hit tough financial times or it could be for your favorite charity. Be sure to let your guests know on the invitation so they come prepared.

If you’re working with a bigger budget, you can have Kicking Cancer T-shirts made to give to each guest that makes a donation. People love T-shirts that are personalized with an important cause.

5 Three weeks before the date of your celebration, mail or email your invitations with the link to your Perfect Potluck menu. You could write something like: One of my greatest pleasures in life is spending time with friends and family, and creating special memories. I/We would love for you to join me/us so we could share an evening of laughs, great conversation, delicious food and drinks! Please take a look at and bring your favorite dish and/or drink.

6 To make it really fun, ask your guests to bring their recipes to share and have prizes for the best tasting dish in each category. The prize could be your favorite book, meditation CD, kitchen utensil, soy candle, bath salts, a bottle of organic olive oil or homemade gift. Think of your favorite healthy lifestyle items that you would like to share with loved ones.

7 Let’s get this party started with a game! Tape a different name of someone famous to the back of each person as they arrive. Don’t let them know who they are. Guests need to mingle and ask each other questions until they figure out who they are, e.g., Bill has a name on his back (Marilyn Monroe) he doesn’t know who it is. He can ask Mary one question, e.g., Am I a female, male, singer, politician, athlete, etc.? Mary can only give a yes or no answer then Mary gets to ask Bill a question to figure out who she is. Once they ask each other one question, they move to other guests and continue asking questions until they figure out who they are. The first to get it wins!

This is a fun game to play when you have friends that haven’t met yet or are shy. It really gets the party going!

8 You want your party to have a great vibe. Candlelight, fresh flowers, balloons and a great playlist on your IPod are inexpensive ways to set the mood. Don’t forget to have your camera handy so you can capture the beauty and joy of the evening.

Most importantly, don’t over complicate your party plans.
Avoid causing yourself undo stress.

Your Kicking Cancer Party is meant to be a celebration for all that you’ve been through and all that you hope to accomplish, shared with the people that you love.

Just maybe this will start an anticipated tradition!

Author: Suzanne Foglio, Holistic Health Coach and founder of Vibrant Life After Cancer.

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