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Services - Live a Vibrant Life After Cancer Treatment Ends

You just slayed the cancer dragon. Whew!

But now what?

Are you really supposed to just trot back to the kingdom and pick up where you left off before you heard the words “you have cancer”?


It’s time to get down to business—to start living the way you swore you would if you beat that awful disease.


I created Life After Cancer because I saw a need for a place that understands why, whenever you feel an ache or pain, you tremble with fear that the big C has reared its ugly head.

The problem? Life’s still throwing the usual demands at you. You need to get the kids to school, run errands, tackle a mountainous pile of work, call your parents, feed the dog, etcetera, etcetera….

So, uh, when exactly are you supposed to squeeze in living a vibrant life?

Now that you’ve finished doctor’s appointments, treatments and tests and graduated from Cancer Survival University, the Cancer Fighting System is done with you.

You’re plopped back into life.


Is anyone there to help me figure out what to do? Anyone???

Yes, yes there is! Welcome to Vibrant Life After Cancer.

I created this health coaching practice to focus on you, the cancer survivor.

Programs Available:

Offering you programs to help you create your very own healthy living plan.

Living Cancer Free
6-Month Group Program

Perfect for you if you’d like know exactly what to do to create the healthy habits that help you live cancer free. Includes daily support and accountability in a small group setting with people who have been down the same path as you.

Private VIP Coaching

Perfect for those who want the incredible momentum and results that come from personalized attention. We’ll work one-on-on to create a custom tailored plan along with the right combination of support and accountability.

Both of these programs are designed to help you:

  • Move past the fear of your cancer returning and live with joy and confidence by reclaiming your health
  • Discover what foods are best for your unique body type to keep you energized and healthy
  • Achieve and maintain your optimal weight without having it consume your life
  • Learn how to create easy healthy meals and know what to eat on the go
  • Learn how to turn healthy habits into behaviors that last
  • Replace worry with feeling in control of your health through small daily actions that will have you living a better life after cancer
  • Heal your body by minimizing your daily exposure to environmental toxins

Remember when your cancer diagnosis settled in and you promised yourself you would make your health a priority if you got a second chance?

Now is your time.

Your transformation begins when you say yes!

What will you say yes to today?

For more information about any of my programs, click here to contact me.

Raised energy levels & lost weight

Sue Foglio has helped me to raise my energy level, lose weight and improve my health overall.

Her techniques have allowed me to slowly make changes that have improved my life.

“She is always introducing new ideas and recipes to keep me motivated to stay healthy. As a coach she is always willing to offer guidance and support on many questions related to being a healthier person.”

Robert O
Employee Benefits Sales
Manalapan, NJ

Always Uplifting

“Sue has been working with me for over a year now, and I have to say she is one of the most patient people I know. My mind knows what it needs to do and should be doing, but emotionally my follow thru is non-existent.

Sue has never quit on me, she is always uplifting, never has a negative word and just keeps pushing the positiveness my way.

I know she is just patiently sitting on the sideline waiting for me to become what she knows I can be.”

Kim G., Bookkeeper
Barnegat, NJ


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