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3 Steps to Prepare You for an Amazing 2014

Are you ready for 2014 to be your most amazing year yet? If so, then the following three steps will get you on your way.

First, make space and clear the clutter! Clutter leads to stagnation, halts creativity, and causes overwhelm. You’ll gain a greater sense of clarity once you create space to allow your hopes, your dreams, and your creative gifts to be fueled. So what needs to be de-cluttered?

§         Clothing – I believe that what we wear has a direct impact on our mood and confidence-if we look good, we feel good. Organize and alter clothes and accessories every couple of months. This will get you out of the rut of wearing the same few outfits and inspire you to switch it up every so often.

§         The Kitchen – Your kitchen is your laboratory for healthy living so it’s imperative that it’s functional and a place that you feel inspired. Think about how you use your kitchen and decide if it’s time to reorganize the cabinets, the pantry, and the countertops.

§         The Inbox – As I write this, I have over 700 emails in my inbox, so this is priority #1 for me! How many times have you been searching for an email or file and became totally distracted by something else that caught your attention? Create folders to house documents that you want to keep and delete what you no longer need. This includes all those texts on your mobile phone, too!

Second, set your goals and create your desire map for the New Year! But before you look forward, celebrate your accomplishments of 2013.

§         What was your most meaningful accomplishment?

§         Where did you experience the most growth?

§         What are you most grateful for?

§         What do you want more of?

After answering these, you can then better focus on what you want and what you want to experience in 2014! Danielle LaPorte, author of The Desire Map writes,“You’re not chasing the goal itself, you’re chasing the feelings that you hope attaining those goals will give you.”

Start with how you want to feel and uncover your goals from there. The S.M.A.R.T. format is one of the most widely used goal-setting tools, and one I recommend.

§         Specific – What exactly do you want to accomplish?

§         Measurable – How can you quantify this goal so you and others will know when you’ve reached it?

§         Attainable – Is this goal within your capabilities?  Is it reasonably possible?

§         Relevant – Do you care enough about this goal to make it a priority?

§         Time – What is your deadline?

Third, create your vision board! Whether you have big, ambitious goals or you want to make subtle shifts, a vision board is a great way to create a visual reminder to help keep you inspired. To explain, a vision board is just a collage of images and words that articulate your desires.

Supplies you’ll need to create yours:

§         Poster board

§         Scissors

§         Glue

§         A stack of magazines, catalogs, newspapers, and photographs

To help you begin, start by writing your vision statement on your board then cut and paste images. If you want more travel in your life, then include pictures of destinations that you would like to visit or pictures of luggage. If you would like more family time, then include pictures of family meals and fun-maybe a game night. If you want to lose weight and get fit, then include pictures of healthy food, fitness models, and the new clothes that you want to wear. There is no wrong way to create your board-as long as the images inspire you, it will be perfect!


“When you have vision it affects your attitude. Your attitude is optimistic rather than pessimistic.” Charles R. Swindoll


Author: Suzanne Foglio, Holistic Health Coach and founder of Vibrant Life After Cancer

  1. Lin Tomasulo
    Lin Tomasulo02-05-2014

    Excellent advice Suzanne,

    You inspired me to do a vision board. I write my goals down, in detailed categories every year, and I have been blessed enough to have most of them come to fruition. I think creating the vision board is a great way to be inspired and stay focused daily.. thanks for the great tip.

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