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To end self-sabotage, here are 3 things you should know

Hi there,


I’m excited you’re here. Our very first Living Cancer Free class is graduating! We’ve seen lots of transformation.


These beautiful souls are carving out “me time,” cooking, and having fun. Their lives have changed.


Not just with the foods they eat, but the thoughts they think. The people they spend time with. They’re living more and worrying less.


Raise a glass of green juice to that!




What’s the secret sauce? It’s community. It’s support. It’s accountability.


When you have a safe place to create a vibrant life, you get results faster. Life after cancer can be lonely, confusing and scary. Together, we build you up. Before you break through, I’ll warn you, self-sabotage may come up.


Like getting on an exercise kick, only to skip a Monday workout. Then fall off the wagon for the week. The story you may tell yourself is, “I’ve made progress. I can slack off a little.”


Or, sneaking downstairs at 12:01am to eat a piece (or two) of cake. Praying no one hears the fork scrape chocolate icing off the dish. Secretly enjoying the sugar high. It can be quite a mind trick. Sound familiar?


When I hear stories of late night eating, I know something deeper is going on. There’s an unmet need beneath the behavior. Here’s how you can unravel the truth of your situation:


  1. Start a Vibrant Life After Cancer journal and jot down your diet and self-care for 2 weeks. Take note of how foods make you feel while eating and 2 hours later. See if any emotions are tied to it. Do the same with self-care rituals.
  2. If you choose a Snickers bar, check in with why? Writing with a pen and paper is a powerful way to connect your body and mind.
  3. Ask yourself 3 questions: 1) Does this bring me joy? 2) Is what I’m doing pulling me closer to my goal? 3) Do I believe I can achieve my goal?


Whatever the goal, the Living Cancer Free Course helps you implement new habits, so they become routine. When your crap comes up (and it will!) it’s OK! Your old patterns are ready to be healed. This is GOOD.


Together, we will work on:


  • How to overcome the devastating side effects of treatment
  • How to boost your energy with powerful anti-cancer super foods
  • How to replace worry with small daily actions that will have you feeling in control of your life again


If you don’t make simple shifts, you’ll feel alone and tired. The good news is that with me, you can be totally authentic and listen to your body. It never lies! Your body wants to feel alive again. You must give it the right tools.


If you are ready to get out of your rut then don’t miss “Essential Foods to Eat to Get Your Body Back After Cancer” coming soon!


Stay tuned!


In the name of health, take care of yourself. Your amazing life is waiting for you. Claim it! Like my husband and I have.


If you’d like to learn more about the Living Cancer Free course, let’s chat.


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